Code of Conduct

All new members and visitors to Circle of the Spirit Tree must adhere to our code of conduct.

Circle of the Spirit Tree


This Code of Conduct has been established for the Circle of the Spirit Tree (the “Group”) as a guide for all.

Every member of the Group is expected to understand and adhere to this Code.


The Council of the Circle of the Spirit Tree reserves the right to change or modify any part of the Code as need dictates.



  1. AGE REQUIREMENTS. Prospective members of the CoTST that are not 18 years of age or over must provide written permission from parents or guardians.


  1. Sometimes, you may find that something has happened in Group, or something that has been said, or implied, may cause you duress. If you have issues, questions, or any concerns regarding the Group, or any member of it, those issues are to be brought only to the Council.


  1. Be aware that not all concerns or issues brought to the Council will necessarily be deemed valid or worthy of action. All concerns or issues will be heard; but the Council reserves the right to act or not act on any issue brought before it.


  1. No alcohol or drug use during class time, rituals, or any Group function will be permitted. This does not apply to occasions such as camping trips.  The use of illegal drugs is never


  1. Respect for others: respect and tolerance for other religions, groups, points of view, and pagans should always be fundamental to our group and to you as a pagan.


  1. We’re a friendly group, but please don’t violate others’ personal space; it’s always appropriate to ask before hugging or touching someone, for example.


  1. Honesty and integrity: Be honest in your dealings with your fellow members; don’t talk behind their backs; be a person who exemplifies integrity.  Don’t indulge in gossip or backbiting.


  1. Class time is class time! We can socialize before class (“sacred BS”) and after; but class time is for focusing on announcements, homework, lessons, and rituals.  Save non-class things for other than class time. Cellphones are not permitted except for emergencies and during break.


  1. We reserve the right to conduct a background check on prospective members. This is for safety and security reasons.


  1. People in charge of events: The person in charge of a ritual, a class lesson, or an outing is the designated person in charge, and not anyone else.  Don’t undermine designated leadership.


  1. Bringing guests: If you want to bring a guest to ritual or class, please ask the Group before bringing anyone.


  1. Respect others’ tools and belongings. Don’t touch others’ ritual tools without permission; don’t just grab someone else’s stuff no matter what the purpose.
  2. Be respectful when others are speaking; giving announcements and lessons; or conducting ritual. That is the time to focus on what’s happening and (especially in ritual) not the time for joking, whispering, making suggestions, or otherwise drawing attention to yourself.


  1. Be prepared when you come to class; have homework or announcements ready and stay on focus when giving them.


  1. The purpose of our Group is to study, to learn, to practice, and to be around those of like mind. The Group is not a dating service, a gathering only for “hanging out”, nor a place to catch up on gossip.



Rev 1.1, July 17, 2014

Rev 1.2, Dec, 2015