What We Do

Here at the Circle of the Spirit Tree, we wish to teach, to learn, and to improve our lives in the light of the Goddess, The God, and The Great Spirit in order that the “Old Ways” continue to prevail upon our Mother Earth and in our hearts.

We hold group every Wednesday night at the coven house from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
One week there may be only 4-8 people and the next we could have 10 or more. Sporadic attendance of members is common, and all are welcome, even if they cannot participate weekly.
We are an eclectic Wiccan study group/coven who study and practice Wicca and Witchcraft, but also study Paganism in general and try to incorporate bits of wisdom of other religions. We follow a fairly structured education system.
Classes are based on each person’s level of study in Wicca and range from complete beginner level to advanced 3rd degree.
1st degree is called Initiate degree (i.e. Wicca 101- everything one needs to know at a basic level of practice.)
2nd degree is split into four separate degrees
            Earth degree
            Fire degree
           Air degree
            Water degree
Each focuses on an element, practices aligned with that element and the personal qualities they encompass.
3rd degree is reserved for the further education of the High Priest/Priestess
We join together to celebrate all 8 Sabbats with a potluck feast after each. From time to time the coven will go on trips and have other events such as attending to Pagan Sprit Gathering, Chicago Pagan Pride day, and an annual camping trip at Moraine View State Park.

Under 18 individuals willing to learn are allowed with both verbal and written permission from a parent or legal guardian. Contact information for guardian is also required.

Regular meetings usually go as follows:
We meet together at 7 p.m. every Wednesday evening, although many people come a bit early for socializing.
We begin by discussing announcements and reports(homework) of what people have learned recently etc.
After that we have our first ten-minute break
Around 7:45 we have a group warm-up/hands-on activity.  These activities can range from circle casting practice, energy play, and elemental atonements, to healing techniques, releasing unwanted energies, and occasional guided meditations and affirmations.
Following our exercise we have our second and final break.
We then split up into classes according to each individual’s level of practice/study/knowledge. Each lesson can last from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on complexity and length.
Classes taught each week depend on who is there; we only teach classes needed by the students attending to complete the degree they’re in. We are ALL students and teachers.
Together we form the bonds of friendship, love, and learn and grow together spiritually.
We have plenty of time for laughing and plenty of time for learning.
Socializing is welcome before and after each meeting.