Who We Are

The Circle of the Spirit Tree tradition is an eclectic Wicca study group and taught by the members within, combining elements of personal studies already achieved by each group member over the years. Incorporated into our practice and education system, reside elements of american folk magick, ceremonial magick, witchcraft, Wicca, mysticism, druidism, and general neo-Paganism. We encourage outside study and independent research alongside our lessons and events.


 The Circle of the Spirit Tree was formed by Gregory Michael Brewer with co-founders J. Carey and R. Forbes. Gregory began practicing in 1992, has been published in various anthologies, served as a board member of the Pagan Pride Project Worldwide for 7 years, and is an eclectic witch who incorporates Christo-Paganism, ceremonial magick, and Wicca into his practice.


Joe Reda, a High Priest from the New Albion Tradition based out of California, joined us in February of 2008


Laura, initiated into 3rd degree in 2014, was welcomed as a member of the Council in 2015.

Kathryn, a practicing witch of 14 years, joined the Council in 2017